For us, the most important task is to make you feel welcome.

Yes, we work hard on our food. And we also have a fair bit of experience making cocktails. But—at the end of the day—the most important thing for us, is providing you with good service and a heart-warming experience.

Welcoming you with a smile every time, and making sure that you always leave satisfied, both in your tastebuds, and in your heart, are at the top of our list.

our story

Family owned & built with love.

We have long had a passion for Asian food, as well as the desire to make an impact both on a slightly larger level, but particularly in our local community.

Our many trips to Asia, and especially Japan, have provided inspiration and a growing love for Japanese culture, cusine and hospitality. Therefore, in 2019 we agreed to open an Izakaya and Sushi Restaurant in our beloved Ørestad.

Our ambitions are high, but without being pretentious. We want to offer great food, at fair prices. Keeping a strong sense of "value for money", but without compromising quality.

We do our best to be kind to the environment as well, by sourcing organic, fresh, and eco-labeled supplies whenever it's possible. And, by trying to consider everyone's tastes and preferences, we've built our menu with exciting vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. All of it in hopes that when you visit us, you'll feel at home and have a cozy time.

We can't wait to see you hereWarm greetings,

— Fei and Loke

our food

We love good food, and we're passionate about good cooking techniques.

Any dish you order from SENSU, contains the soul, technique, and flavors of Japan, prepared with the best techniques and tools. Including original Japanese Konro charcoal grills.

For example; although Wagyu beef is often cooked in a pan, we choose to grill it. It's much harder to keep the fire from igniting the fat and melt it off, but, we do it quite carefully—for the absolute most delicious taste—if you ask us.

We're also careful and quite intentional with the spices, and the way we make our dressings. You must be able to taste the good ingredients. Less is more.

our favorites

What not to miss

Of course, we love all of our food, but a few of our chef's favorites are the tasty, juicy, crunchy Karaage, with lots of Yuzu mayo, the Sensu Signature Kaburimaki with lobster, or the addictive Wagyu beef.

And don't forget to add a good Sake or one of our specialty cocktails: the Mara Devil; made with Japanese Roku Gin, fresh Yuzu purèe, simple syrup and herb-infused tonic water!

the space

Okay, but what about the place itself?

The design of SENSU Sushi Restaurant and Izakaya are the result of the owner Loke Busch's design and work, with the vision of creating rooms with intentionally good acoustics and plenty of space, for a laid-back, vibrant atmosphere, where you can have a good time with friends and family.